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Monstrous Waves Pound Orange Rocks

As I lay in bed on the morning of the 31st August 2022, the silence was broken by the sound of thunder. Although it wasn’t thunder - It was the sound of waves breaking. 5.5m south swell @ 15 seconds was pounding the KZN coast line.

I needed to get my gear ready because it was going to be an explosive morning with incredible scenes of huge waves. It wasn’t going to be a day of swimming with my camera, oh no! The ocean was extremely angry and I would be documenting its ferocity from land instead.

I got down to the Manaba Beach at around 5:45am, just before first light and I could already see most of the beach was gone. It was still too dark to see the exact size of the waves but it was shaking the ground I was on and the wind was howling offshore.

I knew that I was going to be taking most of my images and video at Orange Rocks because the deep waters there let the waves break super close to the rocks, really showing you the true size.

Here are some of the photographs.

View Gallery Here

If there are any images you would like printed please feel free to contact me

Here is video I made of the day in this dramatic edit

Thanks for reading. Till next time,


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