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Devastating Floods & Ocean Swells Hit KZN

'ISSA' was the name given to the weather system that had been upgraded to a subtropical cyclone this past week.

Everyone was expecting a good amount of rain but I do not think anyone could have imagined just how much and how badly it would affect our communities.

Monday morning started with a bit of rain around 8am in the Uvongo area and gradually throughout the day it intensified dramatically. By 3 PM it was pouring down incredibly hard and the flooding was already in full swing.

The rain did not stop for 2 days straight and a estimated 300-500ml dropped in the 48 hours. It wrecked havoc in all parts of KZN, Durban sustaining the majority of it. The lower south coast did not have it easy by any means and many were left homeless with their homes completely destroyed.

Not only was there terrible flooding but the cyclone sent gale force winds and massive 5 meter swells crashing into the coastline making it even more chaotic.

On the morning of the 13th April 2022 there seemed to be a glimmer of hope as the sun peeped through the dark clouds and the winds starting to settle.

The beaches were full of debris and sea foam from all the muddy water coming down from the rivers and we had all started planning the big clean up. We thought that it was finally over and that we could expect sunny days ahead.

Oh were we wrong - We got word from numerous weather services that the cyclone had created another eye and made a U-Turn and was headed back toward parts of KZN. We were to expect another hit of gale force winds and down pours of rain.

About 11am that same morning, the winds ripped through with such power that trees were uprooted, roofs were coming off homes and big branches were falling into the roads. Complete destruction continued! This storm was turning into a nightmare all over again.

As the day went on it slowly eased off and by the afternoon it was still. Cloudy and a bit wet but the wind started settling.

Fortunately we are blessed today the 14th April, as the skies cleared completely, the suns out and there is zero chance of rain...... That is until tomorrow, Friday the 15th of April when another cold front hits the Southern Parts of KZN with strong winds and plenty rain yet again. So if you live in these parts of the province, get your rain coats ready because its going to be a wet one.

Stay safe, stay dry and lets get through this. Theres definitely light at the end of the tunnel and I am sure we are in for a good winter.


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