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UNTAMED MAGIC - BOLT & his little Brother - EDITION OF 50


"Bolt and his little brother" One late afternoon, I spotted a lightning storm approaching the sea. Quickly grabbing my camera gear, I raced to the beachfront. As the storm intensified, bolts of lightning surrounded us, creating a thrilling yet slightly nerve-wracking atmosphere. Positioned with my camera facing the sea to capture the best strikes, my friend provided invaluable assistance by holding an umbrella to shield us from the rain. Despite the challenging conditions and the need for precise timing, I persisted until I captured the perfect shot of both a baby and a colossal lightning bolt, their reflections shimmering in a natural rock pool. The experience deepened my appreciation for Mother Nature's awe-inspiring power, reminding me to always respect and prioritize safety in my pursuit of capturing these moments. The resulting image holds a special place in my heart, commemorating a day I will cherish forever. Thanks, Mother Nature!


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BOLT & his little Brother

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